Resume Tips for Travel Nurses

Resume Tips for Travel Nurses

Creating a travel nurse resume is essential for getting the job assignments that you really want. But actually putting together the resume is a challenge in itself. Here are some resume tips for travel nurses to keep in mind. These tips can also apply to other types of nurse resumes too.

Introduce Yourself

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking to fill various roles. But at the same time, they want to get to know candidates through their resume. Start with an introduction that introduces you and then tells the hiring person why you want to work at the particular hospital or organization. Then write your objective. It should get to the point while including some accomplishments. An example would be:

“To gain a position as a travel nurse where I can use my (# Years of Experience) as a (Type of Nurse) where I want to work with a team of nurses)”

Experience Matters

Travel nurses will gain fresh work experience with every assignment they complete. It is good practice to update your resume with an assignment right after it’s completed. The standard way to list your experience is to put the place where you worked first, followed by when you worked there, and your role. To make you stand out from the next nurse, include something about where you worked that made it stand out. If you worked in a unit, include its size on the resume.

Education and License Standards

Your education should come after listing your experience if you’ve graduated more than a few years ago. List your post-high school education and degrees earned along with the name of the school, when you went there, and anything that is significant like an award or a certificate. Only add GPA information if above a 3.5.

Include your certifications and license information in the next section with the expiration dates for each.

Final Tips

Don’t fluff your resume. Only include essential information to get you hired and limit it to one page. This is hard to do for travel nurses but try as hard as you can. Make your resume easy to scan and don’t go overboard by using fancy fonts.

Now that you know how to craft a great travel resume, it’s time to put it to work! Get started with Actriv today!

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